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The growing need to get official work done securely on different devices around the world has led to even greater innovation on the cloud. Virtualization has made it possible for you to securely access your native office desktops and applications on any device, over a secure network.

The primary pitfall of that has been how much more complex work has become with virtual machines. Instead of empowering teams to get more work done, it has become a complex, time-draining experience, offering a one-sided virtual desktop solution...

The all-in-one-place virtual desktop

Enter the Azure virtual desktop

Azure virtual desktop (formerly Windows virtual desktop) offers a fully managed desktop virtualization solution on the cloud. The most amazing part of the azure virtual desktop solution is that it works with all your apps and devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

This unique Azure virtual cloud computing solution enables multiple users and windows on a particular virtual desktop with as seamless an experience as one would expect from a native desktop.

How Azure Virtual desktop makes remote desktop services phenomenal

Full desktop and remote app support

More than just another virtual desktop, with the Windows virtual desktop, you get a full desktop experience. The user experience with your azure virtual desktop is absolutely the same as working with native computers.

Custom-build your Azure Virtual machine

You have the ability to choose what applications, windows, and software you want access to, as well as what members of your team should have full or conditional access, etc. We provide you with futuristic virtual desktop resources, bringing remote desktop services to all of your users and anywhere in the world via the cloud.

Unbeatable desktops and applications' speed with Multi-user compatibility

No matter the device, the speed and performance of the Virtual desktop on the cloud are no different from working on the native system directly. Users in your company's network can access the resources securely from whatever device and wherever they are in the world. With multi-session and multi-user capability, hundreds of users operating with different versions of windows can get work done at the same time, on one azure virtual machine.

Never pay for more than your users need

With windows virtual desktop infrastructure, you get to only pay for what you use and no more. You save significantly more on legacy servers by operating fully on the Azure cloud. This service comes with or without a Microsoft 365 package, so you are not shoehorned into getting software that you don't have to or want to. Ongoing support is provided by Microsoft and the About IT team.

Reliability, security and efficiency

A short story you will relate to about choosing an IT service provider

When it comes to choosing your IT provider and IT infrastructure, it's always the same problem. We are sold the Moon, without telling us that behind it, what we buy is a series of chain problems: service disruption, unreachable after-sales service, loss of sensitive and irreversible data, mishandling, and so on.

Are we being lied to? No.

We just forget to keep us informed of the biggest difficulty we have to face when managing the IT of an organization, regardless of its size: the unexpected.

And yet that's 90% of our job.

When you choose an IT solution, when you make choices, you have to know that problems will arise. This is inherent in our business.

So what?

Therefore, we must make a choice that is as resilient as possible. Find a solution that will anticipate problems, solve them quickly - or even alone.

How many times have we been alerted to a bug, a problem, by someone in our organization when we ourselves were not aware that something was not working? It's unpleasant. And that puts us in an unprofessional posture.

And it is even more unpleasant when our supplier and his after-sales service is not able to offer us a satisfactory answer.

So once again the miracle solution does not exist.

BUT! There are still choices that will be able to protect us from these galleys that pollute daily.

What to do?

Initially, we start with a "homemade" server. We tell ourselves that it's good, we hand on it if something goes wrong. It has a reassuring, even comforting side.

It is placed in the installation room, or in a corridor.

And then we come back on Monday morning to the office and there... catastrophe! The air conditioning flowed on it. It is out of service. And all our data is corrupted. All is lost. Colleagues can be sent home in the hope that they will have a copy of their key files locally.

With this first bad experience we move to an IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution like OVH. No need to secure our data. They are hosted and secured by a third party, in a warm building with plenty of people to take care of them.

And then on March 10, 2021, nothing. We learn that OVH Cloud's data center has caught fire, and that our data that is not hosted anywhere else is also reduced to smoke.

Our site is crashed, as are the 3.6 million web servers and 464,000 associated domain names. Let's explain this to our manager who can no longer get in touch with any customer (yes because the emails have also fallen).

And no one is present or responding to account.

It's decided, we move to the cloud, the real one. There at least there will be no more problem since there is no better solution on the market.

Yes but, not just any cloud.

There are 2 types of cloud: private cloud, and public cloud.

So which cloud to choose ?

A cloud must meet 2 requirements:

1 - Service guarantee. It must be able to allocate new machine resources as soon as a machine falls or a data center catches fire.

2 - Server replication. You should not put all your eggs in one basket. The cloud must offer to duplicate servers and our data.

There is clearly no photo: between a private cloud that manages a few machines locally, and large private players in the Cloud such as AWS or Microsoft, the choice is quickly made.

Introducing AZ-as-Pie

A unique virtualization solution that makes remote work Easy As Pie!

AZ as Pie is a fully intuitive system that enables you to get the official work done from wherever and on whatever device, 100% securely!

Don't have the heavy duty software to finish up a task? or need access to confidential company information on the go? With AZ as Pie, we solve all these and more...

Windows virtual desktop

At AZ as Pie we have chosen Microsoft Azure.

Our ambition is simple: to make Microsoft Azure technology accessible by erasing its technical and financial complexity.

For this, we offer you the best set up for SMEs between 1 and 100 users.

Our methods

How do we get there?

It is "enough" to know perfectly the product that we market and push the personalization and optimization of the solution always further.

Discover the AZ as pie offer

AZ as Pie is... efficient

No pooling of resources at AZ as Pie. What for?

Because it's not secure enough. If one of our customers is hacked, you are not impacted. Each of our customers benefits from a Microsoft Azure server of its own with its own bandwidth for better performance.

AZ as Pie is... fluid

All our machines are equipped with GPUs (graphics processors) optimized to optimally run the Microsoft suite on Azure. Have you ever experienced Microsoft Teams with latencies?

With AZ as Pie this will not be the case.

AZ as Pie is... Secure

With the Region Azure feature  , your data is duplicated on different servers in different locations. To never lose your data again no matter what. No private cloud can guarantee that today.

AZ as Pie is... GDPR friendly

As we know, data hosting is a particularly sensitive subject when selecting your supplier. Microsoft hosts the data of its European customers in Europe (especially in Belgium).Your data is not far away.

AZ as Pie is...  Windows 10

A personal and familiar customer work environment for all your users. No need for user onboarding. No need for 15 clicks or to enter your password every time you connect to the virutella machines. It's like home.

AZ as Pie is... proactive

Need a webservice? A roll back?... We make it a point of honor to provide an irreproachable service. We are human above all and we adapt to your problems.

If you don't have time to train for Azure, or manage your own machines and users, you've come to the right place.

“I would still like to say that the solutions that About IT implements are significantly more user-friendly than those I have tested from competitors, mainly CloudBizz with Citrix and the gasworks to connect.

The Microsoft environment is obviously well designed from the start and above all well mastered”

Consultant Airtable - Florian Verdonck
Managed IT Services - About Us.
Virtual desktops have never been better

Delegate my server to AZ as Pie

Ok, but can I afford to switch to an Azure infrastructure? not sure if you're in the target as an SME.

Again, this is a common misconception.

The question that comes most often first when talking about Azure is the price. People think it's expensive.


What you are promised on paper is many times, not the case eventually, it sometimes becomes a loop of ridiculous hidden costs. As the end-user, it is generally difficult to navigate an Azure price calculator.

We do it for you because we are experts in the field!

Thanks to AZ as pie you only pay for what you need and nothing more.

Then the problem is the costs that can vary from one month to another depending on our activity and our consumption. From there, how can you be sure that you stay with your annual or monthly budget? At AZ as Pie we give you a fixed monthly rate.

You will have no surprises.

Finally, the great difficulty of Azure is the billing which is too often unreadable.

AZ as Pie knows this issue well.

That's why we have created a tool that allows us to send you a clear and accurate invoice every month. Look at the difference.

That's clear, isn't it?

Finally, AZ as Pie's secret boot is its customer service. We know the importance of having someone who understands our needs, our language (in your language), our mistakes, our issues.

AZ ace Magpie is the guarantee of quality customer service and after Sales . Responsive and flexible service. This is the basis of the contract of trust.

Instead, look at what our customers are saying :
Work with Azure virtual desktop experts

Getting started with
AZ as pie

Do you still need to be convinced ?

Now that you have understood that Microsoft Azure presents the most serious and reliable offer on the market at a time when data security and user mobility are shaking up our IT practices.

Now that you understand that 100% of AZ as Pie customers have chosen to remain loyal in view of our responsiveness and professionalism.

We will make you an offer that cannot be refused: start with AZ as Pie and without obligation.

Why do we choose to offer our offers without obligation? For 2 reasons

1. To test everything we have just told you, without stress, and without difficulty

2. To prove to you that we have no doubt about our model, our service and our ability to provide solutions that make your life easier

So with which offer to start ?

As we told you, at AZ as PIE the pricing is clear (and the service 5 stars). Then we offer you a single price, per user.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Pricing calculator

Number of users:
Monthly price per user:
€ 75
What you get

Test AZ as pie

As a reminder with this offer, AZ as Pie undertakes to provide you with

Optimal, high-performance, and robust Microsoft Azure infrastructure for your servers
A set up in place within 3 days
Has  clear and legible monthly invoice
(finally!) A 5-star client service
No duration commitment
Think about IT
IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Project Planning.
And you commit to what ?
Nothing, you test 1 month gold the Time it will take, and you leave whenever you want.

Test AZ as Pie
with no obligation


How does  AZ as Pie customer service work?
We provide hands-on, 24/7 expert support for all users within your company on all things azure virtual desktop. After we set you up on the cloud
Why choose Microsoft Azure ?
The number 1 virtualization solution hosted 100% on the cloud, where you have options with the operating systems you use, as well as the ability to have Microsoft manage your azure infrastructure, host pool, gateway, diagnostics, azure vms, windows server, azure active direct and load balancing.
Is it really without commitment?
Yes, IT is. We take away all risks involved to give you a taste of what it is like operating with our full service IT management.
What is Microsoft defender for endpoint, and how does it affect my security?
Microsoft defender for endpoint is an added service that keeps all end points within your cloud infrastructure fully secure. At About IT, we don't leave it to Microsoft to keep you secure, we do that proactively for all endpoints within your IT network, both on-premise and remote.
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