Cloud Solutions: Why They Are the Future for Most Organizations

Accelerate your business growth, break down silo mentality, streamline processes, enhance security, prevent data loss, and more with About IT cloud solutions.

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One of the Best Cloud Technology Solutions You Can Find in Brussels

When you have the right technology supporting your business - no challenge is out of reach. With our industry expertise and a wide range of managed cloud solutions, we know how to accelerate a business owner's path to value. Bring agility and relentless innovation into your digital core to finally move forward in the right direction.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Outcome-Driven Cloud Solutions

About IT can accelerate your company's digital transformation by aligning business outcomes with cloud computing services that drive them.

Cloud Consulting

We combine industry-recognized cloud adoption frameworks and almost a decade of experience in cloud technology, ensuring clients make the best decisions and achieve desired business results.

Cloud Migration

Move your company's digital assets, including applications, IT resources, databases, services, and other business elements to a cloud that suits your needs without hassle or simply switch from one provider to another.

Cloud Optimization

Whether you are new to cloud computing or have been using it for a while now, it is most likely that you are going to need professional help to optimize it and prevent costs from spiraling out of control - this is where About IT comes into play.

Public Cloud

Choose a cloud computing model where third-party providers offer resources, such as servers and storage, to users over the internet. Public clouds offer on-demand, scalable resources that can be provisioned quickly and easily. They are usually more cost-effective than private clouds.

Private Cloud

Enjoy a model that is dedicated to a single organization. Private clouds can be managed either by the company or a third-party provider, but the resources are not shared with other users. They are often used by organizations that need greater control over their data and applications and increased security and compliance.

Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds - the one that combines public and private clouds, allowing organizations to leverage the benefits of both. Hybrid clouds can be used to balance resource demands, optimize costs, and increase flexibility. They can be complex to manage but offer organizations the flexibility to optimize their cloud computing resources based on their specific needs.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cost Savings

Eliminate the need to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure, as cloud service providers own and maintain the necessary infrastructure. This results in cost savings, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.


Scale up or down your resources as needed and be ready to respond to changing business needs.


Access your cloud from anywhere with an internet connection and allow employees to work remotely and collaborate on projects in real-time.


Enjoy high levels of uptime and availability to ensure everyone can access their applications and data whenever they need them.


We have robust security measures to protect our customers' data, which can be more effective than what most businesses can achieve on their own.

Disaster Recovery

About IT provides businesses with a cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery solution, as data can be backed up and stored off-site in secure data centers.

Conquer the Cloud With About IT

Equip your business with the best of the best digital solutions you can currently find on the market and bring life-changing improvements to your business.

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