Pricing Plans

Custom packages, tailored to your needs! Reach out.

All plans include:
Smooth running systems
Security and backups
Coffee and cake
Advanced IT strategy
100% neat organization
Friendly customer support

Azure Virtual Desktop

"Cloud PC"

Pricing calculator

Number of users:
Monthly price per user:
Total monthly price:
€ 75

Managed Services Plans

Helpdesk and Maintenance Plan (All-in Service)
65 €
Per person, per month
Unlimited remote support and access to our helpdesk
24/7 Monitoring
Preventive maintenance: we intervene before IT problems occur, to avoid issues from ever reaching you
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Security Plan 365 (Cyber serenity
65 €
Per person, per month
Includes a full external backup of your Microsoft 365 data
Training your staff in best practices, such as how to recognize a fraudulent e-mail.
Microsoft Secure Score tracking: we follow Microsoft's recommendations and apply them to your business
Includes an advanced Ransomware detection solution
Includes a password manager with MFA
Includes phishing awarness
Includes centralized management of email signatures
Includes simplified access to the Helpdesk
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Managed Cyber Resilience Plan (vCISO / Governance)
65 €
Per person, per month
We become your IT director (vCISO) and participate in the development of your long-term digital strategy
Drawing up of disaster recovery plans
Development of governance policies
Incident management policy
Network protection policy
Identity and access management policy
License management
Asset management
Warranty management
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Common Questions

Is there a discount for multiple users?
Let's talk about your case. We are open minded people.
If your ultimate package offers more security, is your lower value offering still safe?
If the "Security and Maintenance" plan includes all the necessary tools to keep your IT safe, our "Efficiency & Growth" plan improves your teams' security skills to optimize your efficiency and minimize your user's risk.
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