Make an impression with a VoIP provider in Brussels, Belgium

Make and receive unlimited high-quality calls from any place in the world, break down communication silos between your teams, and deliver excellent customer service.

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Keep your employees connected with our VoIP services

All you need to make VoIP phone calls is an internet connection, meaning you and your teams can stay in touch 24/7.

You can streamline communication within your company and increase business efficiency and productivity with many business-centered features.

We Have One Of The Most Stable Technology Network

Increase productivity in the workplace with the best VoIP in Brussels

Improve job satisfaction and make your employees happy with the best VoIP providers in Belgium.

Call conference

Effortlessly start a conference call and invite participants in a few simple clicks. Add as many of them as you want, share screens, or even invite our support to join your meeting and solve your concerns.

Call recording

Record every single call and store it in the cloud with unlimited storage. Listen to previous calls whenever you want from your cell phone. This is the perfect solution for meeting regulatory requirements and training new staff.

Call queue

Show how much you appreciate your customers. Choose your music when putting customers on a hold list to replace the boring silence and automatically forward them to the first available agent.

Real-time customer card

Whenever the phone rings, your agents can see the full history of the caller, including notes from other agents, previous chats, their orders in the past, special notifications, and deliver consistently great customer service.

Internet fax

Use your cloud storage provider, computer, mobile device, or Microsoft Outlook to send and receive faxes from anywhere. You don't have to spend your time waiting by the old traditional fax machine - send electronic fax in a few clicks.


Easily create phone number extensions and connect your offices in multiple locations. Forget about wires, waiting, and installing new systems - just add, remove, or modify those extensions per your needs.

The VoIP service provider that meets your needs

Here at About IT, we have extensive experience solving communication barriers that slow down businesses. 

A simplified user interface

Our portal interface is user-friendly, meaning you can easily support the effective functionality of your phone system.

Scale up or down

Whether you are expecting an increased workload or don't need some of the services - just let us know.

Reliable and secure

We run our Voice over Internet Protocol services on a highly secure platform, ensuring your phone system fulfills your business's must-haves.

Easy and simple setup

Get rid of old landline equipment and start using your new feature-rich business telephone in less than 24 hours.

We Are An Award Winning VoIP Provider

Get your business number and manage your calls in a much more efficient way

Switch to VoIP and decrease pressure on you and your employees.

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