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About IT enables your team to work more efficiently and securely directly from the cloud, no matter the location or device.

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Next-level app streaming

Tired of rigid yet expensive IT infrastructure, that makes your team unproductive?

At About IT, we believe technology exists FOR you as the business owner, not against you. Exceptional IT infrastructure should be exceptionally fast, reliable and also tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Why pay for more storage than your business would ever need, while incurring additional maintenance costs on yourself. Why stick with complex and confusing tools that end up slowing down your business processes in the name of "optimizing productivity"?

Why put your workflow in a box, having to show up on site to get real work done, when you can have secure and instant access to all your heavy duty applications and desktops no matter where you are in the world?

It is the 21st century; the office has moved out of cubicles and productivity has exponentially increased across the globe.

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The all-in-one-place virtual desktop

Making the cloud work for you, literally

While Cloudbizz and other IT service providers in Belgium have 2 - 3 Belgium based data centres, we give our clients the opportunity to maximize the benefits of over 160 data centres all over the world by working with a trusted partner.

Which means, no matter where your team is based, you can absolutely provide them with needed access to your network. We are talking about round the clock access to the files, software, apps, computers, no matter the workload, from wherever!

Next-level app streaming

Just like Cloudbizz, but completely different…

We offer Belgium-based businesses the opportunity to expand their reach, grow their businesses and achieve their goals with technology.

Not just that, but we give you the freedom to work on your own terms; whether on-premise or at home, whether with an official computer or your private tablet, you can continue to be productive.

The flexibility of having all your data and software readily available to you, no matter where you are, is great, but if the risk of losing it all is substantial, wouldn’t you rather rule out that option entirely?

At About IT, we do not take chances with your business cybersecurity and compliance needs. We know that you need a flexible and absolutely safe environment on the cloud, and that is why we have chosen the reputable Azure Cloud from Microsoft to set you up.

IT Infrastructure - IT Services - Project Planning.
Windows virtual desktop

About IT + Azure cloud = Cloud superpowers!

Much like Cloudbizz, we could have easily set up 1 or 2 data centres in Belgium, to offer cloud services… but we had a different vision. There’s only so much we can achieve alone, but when we partner up, we can be absolutely unstoppable (which is exactly what we have become).

We chose to partner up with Azure to deliver bespoke cloud computing solutions to our customers for so many reasons. Asides from the obvious fact that Microsoft is a reputable company that has been around for dozens of years, it’s the stability, flexibility and security they offer our customers that was the winning factor for us.

67 regions

160+ data centres

(Highest number amongst other Cloud providers)

3+ availability zones

Millions of users worldwide

Why we work with Azure to provide you with futuristic cloud solutions and remote desktops

Amazing user-friendly interface

As much as working on the cloud should make work easier and workflows - seamless, for the vast majority of Cloud service providers out there, it’s the exact opposite. From complex processes to jargon filled instructions to anti-human interfaces, working on the cloud via virtualization has become a feat for only the techies. With Azure, that problem is done away with for good.

It is as seamless and easy to operate as though you were working with an on-premise computer. No matter the device (phone, tablet or laptop) you want to work with, you get an all-in-one-place solution that is flexible and intuitive (meaning it works just as effectively on different devices).

Say bye for good to cloud confusion and get your team to feel more in-charge and comfortable, with remote work that actually gets the job done!

Bullet-proof cybersecurity

Working on the cloud has exposed countless businesses to cyberattacks, just because the security of the office infrastructure cannot be taken all around the world. For companies that offer private cloud services (like Cloudbizz), they essentially offer you real estate out of their private storage servers.

The ultimate question then becomes, in the event of a data breach affecting their entire company, what happens to yours?

We chose Azure cloud in order to take that risk away from your company. At About IT, we don’t joke with our fail-proof cybersecurity, but even if for some astronomical reason we get hacked, you can be sure that your mission critical data would still be absolutely protected on the cloud.

This way, we give you double assurance of your absolute security! Your systems will be protected, no matter what.

Maximum (and seamless) functionality of work apps

No matter what industry you are in, you need certain software and apps to work. Most forward-thinking businesses today use Microsoft 365 to ramp up their productivity as well. The good news is that the vast majority of these applications are 100% compatible with Azure.

Microsoft 365, for one, is completely available with the Azure package, and by completely, we mean you get access to functionalities that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This is one major reason why we chose to stick with Azure by Microsoft, because of the robust benefits of having absolute access to Microsoft 365 on every and any device you choose to get work done with.

It’s not just Microsoft 365 on the list of software, even Kluwer Software, Syneton, Billtobox, Horus and many more work applications and software. Remote work has never been more inclusive. While an offering from Cloudbizz would give you access to these work softwares, they may not be able to assure you of 100% access to all the functionalities of Microsoft 365.

“I would still like to say that the solutions that About IT implements are significantly more user-friendly than those I have tested from competitors, mainly CloudBizz with Citrix and the gasworks to connect.

The Microsoft environment is obviously well designed from the start and above all well mastered”

Consultant Airtable - Florian Verdonck

Why choose About IT for your cloud solutions?

We pay attention to your needs

Rather than try to shoehorn you into our various solutions, we take the time to truly understand what you really need, and objectively give you counsel as one partner would to another. More than just another vendor, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met satisfactorily.

We are certified Microsoft partners

There are not alot of people that you can trust with a digital transformation journey, we have seen companies go under because of a bad partnership.

We have the certifications and skillset to take you on that journey and easily and seamlessly as possible. You no longer need to worry, we’ve got IT covered.

Expert, 24/7 support

Our promise to you is that you would never have to do IT alone. You have an entire team of friendly and supportive cloud professionals that are available to you whenever you call.

No matter what you cloud needs are, we would be right there to catch your wishes and make them a reality.

Tailored cloud solutions

When we say we “make the cloud work for you’ we mean it to the letter. With our cloud computing skills, we are able to design unique applications and cloud solutions that meet specific needs that you have with your business processes.

Custom solutions take you light years ahead of the competition, and that’s just where we want you to be.

No surprise fees

Nothing sours up a business owner’s day like a surprise bill out of the blue. We know the feeling and we don’t like it either, and so we ensure you never get a surprise bill.

You only pay for the space and functionalities you use on the cloud and nothing more.

We keep it simple!

No matter your industry, from manufacturing to medicals to accounting, we ensure that you can ease into the cloud with absolutely no hassles and 100% ease. This is where we really stand apart from Cloudbizz and other Cloud service providers.

IT needs to be simple to benefit those it was created for, and we make that possible with our completely transparent processes, cloud solutions and remote desktop features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Microsoft Azure ?
Microsoft Azure is the number 1 virtualization solution hosted 100% on the cloud, where you have options with the operating systems you use (Windows 10 and Windows  11 are plug and play). With this, you get the ability to have Microsoft manage your IT infrastructure on the cloud, as well as our 24/7 hands on support and custom solutions.
What work and productivity apps can you integrate this with?
Practically all work and productivity apps and software that you would need, regardless of what market your operations are focused on. Everything from Microsoft 365 to Kluwer Software, Syneton, Billtobox, Horus, and much more.
What is Microsoft defender for endpoint, and how does it affect my security?
Microsoft defender for endpoint is an added service that keeps all endpoints within your cloud infrastructure fully secure. At About IT, we don't leave it to Microsoft to keep you secure, we do that proactively for all endpoints within your IT network, both on-premise and remote.
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